Protect Your Visitors

Let your visitors and customer know how you value and protect their privacy.  This is also a good area to let your visitors know of your refund policy, etc. If you have a license agreement, terms of service, or other legal statements, you may also want to post them here.

Our Services:

While we try to make our templates easy to use, if you have questions or need specific "how-to" information, please check the Help Center of our site. If you do not find your answers there, please email us and we'll be happy to help.

We also offer full customer support for our products. If you have a question regarding your template, just let us know and we'll quickly get you the answers you need.

While we do not have the resources to change template images or colors on request, we do offer custom design services for these types of template modifications. We do not recommend you attempt to make major changes to this template package.

Search Engines

When you publish your web site, you will want to get it listed in the major search engines and directories.  Our templates are "meta tag ready".  To add your own unique page description and keyword content, right click on the page and select Page Properties.  In the window that appears, click on the Custom tab.  Under "user variables", locate the description item and then click the modify button.  Add your own page description.  Next click on the keyword item, click the modify button, and add your keywords and phrases.

Learning Tip

If you are just beginning, you may have clicked on the HTML tag and wondered what in the world all of those little tags mean. You can begin the learning process by seeing which tags enclose your text, tables, and other items. Go to View > Reveal Tags. This will show you the HTML coding while in the normal view.