Educational Resources

Educational Resources:

Many different groups have developed curriculum-based educational programs and web sites geared towards various educational levels. I have divided the links into general categories to help make your search easier.

Please let me know here if any of the links are broken or if there are any that should be added.

General Educational Resources

National Speleological Society Education Division

Project Underground

Project Underground is a source of interdisciplinary instructional activities, and its staff conducts workshops and in-service training programs. These materials and workshops are designed for classroom teachers, cavern, park, museum, and nature center staff, or any youth-oriented group leaders.

National Park Service Cave and Karst Knowledge Center

National Forest Service Cave and Karst information page

Bureau of Land Management Cave and Karst information page

National Cave and Karst Research Institute. More on research than education, but that section is still under construction.

American Cave Conservation Association Inc.

Bat Conservation International

Colorado Grotto Education page

The Karst Waters Institute

Southeastern Cave Conservancy Inc

Primary Education

Wind Cave National Park Environmental Education Cave resources at the Park for grades 1-8.

Mammoth Cave National Park Environmental Education

Timpanogos Cave National Park Environmental Education

The National Park Service Park Geology

Higher Education

Anchialine Caves and Cave Fauna of the World

Cave Biology Links

Edwards Aquifer (Texas) Education.

“Caves: A Window into the Edwards Aquifer” All kinds of educational links regarding caves, karst, and the Edwards Aquifer.

Karst Information Portal. Great resource for professional publications on caves and karst and a large amount of educational material.

Western Kentucky University Karst Field Studies. College courses focused on field investigations in various aspects of caves and karst.

The Online Guide to Cave Exploring