USA Domes and Climbs

Pits / Climbed Domes 100+ feet or Deepest in a State

Compiled by Terry McClanathan (NSS 12103)FE – January, 2023
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Criteria for the USA Deep Pits and High Domes data base

Of course, the ideal pit is a free drop, but many are not. To be included a pit should at least be morphologically one shaft. This means ledges, as long as they don’t actually separate one pit from another, need not be disqualifiers if they just break up a free drop, but are still contained within the same pit.

Dome climbing, once seldom done, has become one of the most popular means of finding new cave during the past three decades. In this age of laser technology it’s pretty easy to determine the height of a dome by standing on the bottom and aiming a Disto up at the ceiling. Here I will apply the same criteria we adhere to in the Virginias and TAG. To be included in the data base a dome needs to have been topped, or if the climb is still a work in progress, a measured height of at least 100 feet must have been attained. In other words, no domes that have only been Distoed.

I realize that not everyone is going to be in agreement with what I’m proposing, and that’s fine, but for the Deep Pits and High Domes my goal is to maintain a certain level of consistency. I would also like the list to be as inclusive and accurate as possible. For both pits and domes any figure should have been derived from survey or at least a running tape. (no estimates or heresay please)

While I know a lot about pits in the eastern U. S., though even here I’m sure I’ve missed some, I’m not nearly as well versed with what’s in the west. If anyone knows of pits or high domes that are not on the current list your input would be greatly appreciated.  Also, if anyone notices any glaring mistakes, feel free to submit corrections. All I ask in either case is that you provide a reliable source for confirmation purposes. You can contact me at             mcclater100

Here is a list of the most often used abbreviations and initials for sources in the current USA Deep Pits and High Domes.

TCS                         Tennessee Cave Survey

ACS                        Alabama Cave Survey

GSS                        Georgia Speleological Survey

VSS                        Virginia Speleological Survey

WVASS                 West Virginia Speleological Survey

GVKS                     Germany Valley Karst Survey

CRF                        Cave Research Foundation

MOS      Marion O. Smith

JHS         James Harry Smith

Send updates and corrections to mcclater100 at

Copyright 2022 NSS Geo2, Paul Burger NSS 26452, FE, CM
Do not ask for cave locations, I will not give them out.

1Kauhako Crater (Lava Pit) Vauhako 865.00263.70Hawaii Molokai Earl Neller via Halliday(Water filled)
2Na One Pit (Lava Pit) Pit 6083 Pelee's Abyss 862.00262.70Hawaii Hawaii Dave Bunnell
3El Capitan Pit Entrance Drop 598.30182.40Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
4Ellison's Cave System Fantastic Pit 586.00178.60Georgia Walker GSS
5Loaded Dice Cave Jackpot 547.00166.70Wyoming Teton Bridger-Teton Cave Project
6Hellhole System Perseverance Dome 526.00160.30West Virginia Pendelton  GVKS
7Mossy Abyss Entrance Drop 505.00153.90Alaska Dall Island Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
8Ellison's Cave System Incredible Pit 440.00134.10Georgia Walker GSS
9Fern Cave System Surprise Pit 437.00133.20Alabama Jackson ACS
10Lechuguilla Kansas Twister Dome 410.00125.00New Mexico Eddy Derek Bristol
11Tumbling Rock Cave Topless Dome 396.00120.70Alabama Jackson ACS
12Ellison's Cave System All In One Pit 388.00118.30Georgia Walker McClanathan
13Hellhole System Philosophers Dome 387.00118.00West Virginia Pendelton GVKS, McClanathan
14Siberian Sword Cave Lowest Drop 360.00109.70Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
15Crystal Palace Cave Subway Shaft 340.00103.60Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
16Corkscrew Cave Champagne Pit 332.00101.20Virginia Tazewell McClanathan
17Snow Hole Entrance Drop 328.00100.00Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
18Neilsons Cave  Neilsons Well 315.0096.00Utah Cache Greg Jones
19Hellhole System Dark Cathedral climb in progress, goes higher310.0094.50West Virginia Pendelton VAR Region Record
20Mega Well In-cave pit308.0093.90Alabama Jackson ACS
21Hellhole System Batman Dome 306.0093.60West Virginia Pendelton GVKS, McClanathan
22Big Jump Cave Entrance Drop 306.0093.30Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
23Memorial Day Cave Flying Dutchman 303.0092.40West Virginia Pendelton  GVKS
24Lechuguilla Apricot Pit 300.0091.40New Mexico Eddy  
25Paul's Cave (Vadose) The Cataract 296.0090.20Alabama Madison ACS
26Neilsons Cave Fantasy Well 295.0089.90Utah Cache Greg Jones
27Dorton Knob (Smoke Hole) Cave Hidden Well 293.5089.50Tennessee Cumberland Mike Green
28Deep Well Main Pit 292.0089.00Alabama Jackson ACS
29Ellison's Cave Broken Dome 281.0085.60Georgia Walker Rachel Saker
30The Great Abyss Entrance Drop 279.0085.00Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
31Robbers LootEntrance Pit 279.0083.80New Mex Eddy McClanathan
32Mystery Falls Cave 270.0082.30Tennessee Hamkilton TCS
33Ellison's Cave Snowball Dome 265.5080.90Georgia Walker Rachel Saker
34Savor It Well Very Hungry Caterpillar Dome 264.0080.50Alabama Madison McClanathan, Blackwell
35Valhalla Cave Classic open air pit264.0080.50Alabama Jackson Map
36Dante's Descent/Devil's Hole Open air262.0079.90Arizona Yavapai Greg Jones
37Ellison's Cave System Smokey II Pit 262.0079.90Georgia Walker GSS
38Cave of the Madonna Big Room Drop260.0079.20New Mexico Eddy  
39Omega Cave System Gollums Abyss 256.0078.00Virginia Wise Benjamin Schwartz
40Ellison's Cave System New Pit 254.0077.40Georgia Walker Marion O. Smith, Ellisons Cave
41Ferris Pit (Pharris) Open air251.0076.50Tennessee Putnam Andy Zellner, TCS
42Ellison's Cave System Psychedelic Dome 250.0076.20Georgia Walker Rachel Saker
43Blowing in the Wind Cave steeply sloping pit in s.portion 249.0075.90Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
44Hellhole System Southwest Dome 247.0075.30West Virginia Pendelton  GVKS
45Arabica Cave Entrance Pit 246.0075.00Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
46Enigma Cave Enigma Dome 246.0075.00Tennessee Van Buren Zeke McKee, McClanathan
47Keystone River Cave In-cave pit246.0075.00Tennessee Van Buren Andy Zellner, TCS
48Walking Fern Cave Whopper Well 242.0073.80Alabama Jackson ACS
49Bloodstone/Scott's Barn Cave Protected Well 241.0073.50Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner, ACS
50GouffreEntrance Drop into big room241.0073.50Tennessee Cumberland Andy Zellner, TCS
51Lechuguilla Hotlanta Well 240.0073.20New Mexico Eddy Stembel
52Engle Double Pit Entrance Pit 236.0071.90Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner, ACS
53Deep Well Not So Deep Well (E2) 236.0071.90Alabama Jackson McClanathan
54Omega Cave System Potential Well 234.0071.30Virginia Wise Benjamin Schwartz
55O'Hara Farewell Entrance Collapsed 232.0070.70Alabama Jackson ACS
56Moses Tomb Pit Open air230.0070.10Alabama DeKalb ACS
57Ellison's Cave System New Origins Dome 230.0070.10Georgia Walker Rachel Saker
58Spin Shaft 230.0070.10Montana Flathead Greg Jones
59Sentinel Cave Birthday Present Pit(in-cave)230.0070.10New Mexico Eddy Harvey DuChene
60Main Drain Cave  Deception Pit 230.0070.10Utah Cache Greg Jones
61Walking Fern Pit Julie Well (Dome) 229.0069.80Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner, ACS
62Green's Well 227.0069.20Alabama Jackson ACS
63Paint Rock River Cave Crack in the Earth 227.0069.20Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner, ACS
64Arm Pit 227.0069.20Montana Flathead Greg Jones
65Montague Cave Storm Shaft (Dome) 226.0068.90Alabama Jackson Tag Pits/Stembel
66Flowing Stone Pit 226.0068.90Georgia Walker GSS
67Frenchman Pit-Cox Cave-Tony Sinks Dental Floss Well 224.0068.30Alabama Jackson ACS/McClanathan
68Vast Caverns Entrance Pit 223.0068.00Alabama Jackson ACS
69Doe Mountain Cave Mega Dome 223.0068.00Viginia Giles Steve Lepera, Tech Troglodyte
70Main Drain Cave  Frayed Knots Falls Pit 222.0067.70Utah Cache Greg Jones
71Wiegand's Pit Main Shaft 221.0067.40Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner, ACS
72Thunder Pit Thunder Pit 221.0067.40Alaska Kosciusko Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
73Memorial Day Cave Trapdoor Well 221.0067.40West Virginia Pendelton  GVKS
74Immaculate Shaft surface dead end pit 220.0067.10California Siskiyou Tom Kline
75Bakers Hole 220.0067.10Idaho Fremont Greg Jones
76Gourdneck Cave Mount.Stromboli 220.0067.10Tennessee Marion Rachel Saker
77Torech Ungol Pit Cave 220.0067.10Wyoming Big Horn Greg Jones
78Welsh Fargo Well 219.0066.80Alabama Jackson ACS
79Trenton Well Open air218.0066.40Alabama Jackson ACS
80Nirvana Cave Opern air218.0066.40Tennessee Cumberland McClanathan
81Shoveleater Cave (Hellhole System) Germany Well 217.0066.10West Virginia Pendelton  GVKS
82Youngs Hole 216.0065.80Tennessee CannonMcClanathan
83Memorial Day Cave Lubyanka Dome 213.0064.90West Virginia Pendelton  GVKS
84Massive Well Main Pit 212.0064.60Tennessee Putnam Andy Zellner, TCS
85Tinker Well 211.0064.30Alabama Madison ACS
86Emerson Pit (aka Essie Piercy Pit)Entrance Pit 211.0064.30Kentucky Wayne McClanathan/MOS
87Trent Chasm Entrance Pit 210.0064.00Alabama Madison TAG Pits/Stembel
88Thunder Pit Entrance Drop 210.0064.00Alaska Kosciusko Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
89Virgin Cave Four O'Clock Staircase 210.0064.00New Mexico Eddy Greg Jones
90Main Drain Cave Leaky Faucet Pit 210.0064.00Utah Cache Greg Jones
91Fern Cave System Little Morgue 208.0063.40Alabama Jackson TAG Pits/Stembel
92Pretty Well Open air208.0063.40Alabama Jackson ACS
93Newberry-Bane Triple Wells 208.0063.40Virginia Bland McClanathan
94Kaolin Pit 204.0062.20Alabama Jackson ACS
95Vanishing River Cave Second pit203.0061.90New Mexico Eddy McClanathan
96Three Turkeys Plunge Open air202.0061.60Alabama Madison McClanathan
97Crystal Palace Cave Pit below Step-In Shaft 202.0061.60Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
98Spasm Chasm Alyson Well 202.0061.60Tennessee Marion JHS
99Atoma Cavatoni Atoma Cavatoni 201.0061.30Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
100Bane Springs Cave Whistling Well 201.0061.30Virginia Bland VSS
101Memorial Day Cave Wendi Cassell Dome 201.0061.30West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
102Rumbling Falls Cave Stupendous Pit 200.5061.10Tennessee Van Buren Marion O. Smith (MOS)
103Fern Cave System West Room Drop 200.0061.00Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner
104Lechuguilla Aragonitemare (Dome) 200.0061.00New Mexico Eddy  
105Hell Hole 200.0061.00Oregon Lane Greg Jones
106Heavens Gate Pit 200.0061.00Utah Cache Greg Jones
107Savor It Well (Dome Dome)Climbed to over 200' but not measured200.0060.90Alabama MadisonReilly Blackwell
108Huntoon's Plunge Huntoon's Plunge 199.0060.70Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
109Pearsons Pit 199.0060.70Georgia Dade GSS
110Richard O'Hara's Bloody Elbow Cave Entrance Pit 198.0060.40Alabama Madison ACS
111Lacey Pot (Re-opened)Scared Well 197.0060.00Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner,ACS
112Queen of the Guads Entrance Drop 197.0060.00New Mexico Eddy McClanathan
113Short Rope Pit Entrance Drop 196.0059.70Alaska Kosciusko Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
114Window Well Entrance Drop 196.0059.70Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
115Johnsons CrookTopless Dome196.0059.70Georgia Dade Jon Zetterberg
116Bridalveil Cave Shaft Entrance Drop 195.0059.40Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
117Ain't No Cave Imaginary Well 194.0059.10Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner, ACS
118Jack Pot 193.0058.80Tennessee Marion TCS
119Emerald Well 192.0058.50Alabama Jackson ACS
120Sparta Sod Hole 192.0058.50Tennessee White Andy Zellner, TCS
121Stamps Pit 192.0058.50Tennessee Putnam Andy Zellner, TCS
122Mammoth Cave Mammoth Dome192.0058.20Kentucky CRF
123Monkey Hole Entrance Drop 191.0058.20Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
124Hall's Pit 190.0057.90Alabama Jackson ACS
125Torode Pit Classic open air190.0057.90Alabama Jackson ACS
126Gourdneck Cave Halfway House 190.0057.90Tennessee Marion Kyle Lassiter
127Rich Mountain Blowhole Porter's Dome 190.0057.90Tennessee BlountMark Lassiter
128Spence Cave Crevice Drop 190.0057.90Virginia Smyth VSS
129VahallaMega Dome 189.0057.60Alabama Jackson Elliot Stahl,McClanathan
130Ogle Cave Entrance Pit 188.0057.30New Mexico Eddy McClanathan
131Clod Hole 188.0057.30Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
132Natural Well Classic entrance pit186.0056.70Alabama Madison ACS
133Paint Rock River Cave Whispering Well 186.0056.70Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner, ACS
134Birthday Pit 185.0056.40Alabama Jackson ACS
135Mammoth Cave Cathedral Domes 185.0056.40Kentucky Ed./Hart/Bar. Map
136The Far Side Well In-cave pit184.0056.10Alabama Jackson ACS
137Sites Cave Entrance Pit 184.0056.10West Virginia Pendelton McClanathan
138Hellhole System Tardis 183.0055.80West Virginia Pendelton VAR Region Record
139Ace Point Cave In cave drop181.0055.20Tennessee Van Buren Andy Zellner, TCS
140Jive Hole Open air pit181.0055.20Tennessee Putnam Andy Zellner, TCS
141Engle Double Pit Rob's Pit 180.0054.90Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner, ACS
142Crystal Palace Cave Step-In Shaft 180.0054.90Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
143Lethal Injection Cave Entrance Drop 180.0054.90Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
144Hell Hole Open air pit180.0054.90Tennessee Overton Andy Zellner, TCS
145MFP (Mighty Fine Pit) Cave 180.0054.90Texas Edwards Greg Jones
146Alien Insurgence Cave most of cave 179.0054.60Alaska Kosciusko Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
147Reeses Pit(aka Allen Piercy Pit)Entrance Pit 179.0054.60Kentucky Wayne McClanathan/MOS
148Savor It Well Pet Cemetery179.0053.80Alabama Madison McClanathan,Blackwell
149Locust Tree Pit 178.0054.30West Virginia Pendelton McClanathan
150Cairn Blowhole Entrance #2 drop 177.0053.90Alabama Jackson McClanathan
151Granny's Well 176.0053.60Alabama Jackson ACS
152Procession Pit 176.0053.60Alabama Jackson ACS
153Whiteside Well 176.0053.60Tennessee Hamilton Andy Zellner, TCS
154Doodlebug Hole Shear portion of 389' broken entrance drop175.0053.30Alabama Jackson ACS
155Deep Cave Entrance 175.0053.30New Mexico Eddy Online
156Cagles Chasm main shaft 175.0053.30Tennessee Marion TCS
157Tres Well 175.0053.30Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
158Halley's Hole 174.0053.00Alabama Jackson ACS
159Newberry-Bane Bills Rappel Canyon 172.0052.40Virginia Bland McClanathan
160Dinky Pit Main Shaft 171.0052.10Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner, A
161High Point Pit 170.0051.80Alabama Jackson ACS
162Dragon's Breath Cave second drop 170.0051.80Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
163Farewell Hole Open air170.0051.80Tennessee Van Buren TCS
164Bull Cave 2nd Drop down Historic Entrance 169.0051.50Tennessee BlountAndy Zellner, TCS
165Kimble Pit 169.0051.50West Virginia Pendelton  GVKS
166Shin Pit 168.0051.20Alabama Madison ACS
167Spence Cave First Pit 168.0051.20Virginia Smyth McClanathan
168Run To The Mill Cave Tilted Well also has a dangerous higher rig167.0050.90Tennessee Cumberland Andy Zellner, TCS
169Solution Rift Cave Confederate Well 167.0050.90Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
170Fiery Top Drop 166.0050.60Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
171Pig Hole Empire Ledge 166.0050.60Virginia Giles McClanathan
172A Twist Of Fate Pit Main Drop 165.0050.30Alabama Jackson ACS
173Bells Well 165.0050.30Alabama Jackson ACS
174Pats Pit 165.0050.30Alabama Madison ACS
175Flitterin' Pit 165.0050.30Arkansas Stone Greg Jones
176Bigfoot Cave Rockfall Entrance Pit 165.0050.30California Siskiyou Tom Kline
177Bigfoot Cave Spartan Frog Entrance Pit 165.0050.30California Siskiyou Tom Kline
178Paradox Cave parallel drop in Big Room 165.0050.30Tennessee Van Buren Andy Zellner, TCS
179Wilkson Hollow Horror Hole The Horror Hole 165.0050.30Tennessee Franklin Andy Zellner,TCS
180Fairweather PitOpen air164.0050.00Georgia Walker Mark Lassiter, McC
181Moonprobe lowest drop 164.0050.00Alaska Dall Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
182Red Bank Well 164.0050.00Tennessee Franklin Andy Zellner, TCS
183Red Mountain Pit 164.0050.00Vermont Bennington P. Quick, Caves of Vermont
184Doe Mountain Cave Weathermaker Pit 164.0050.00Virginia Giles VSS
185Schoolhouse  Jumping Off Place / Cascade Pit 164.0050.00West Virginia Pendelton GVKS, McClanathan
186Conley Hole Classic open air163.0049.70Tennessee Grundy Andy Zellner, TCS
187Rebel Cave 163.0049.70Tennessee Warren Andy Zellner, TCS
188Neversink Classic open air162.0049.40Alabama Jackson ACS
189Spade Hole 162.0049.40Tennessee Putnam Andy Zellner, TCS
190Shoveleater Cave (Hellhole System) Skyline Traverse 162.0049.40West Virginia Pendelton GVKS,McClanathan
191Mandy's Pit 161.0049.10Alabama Jackson ACS
192Blakemans Well Open air161.0049.10Kentucky Garrard McClanathan
193Conatsers Well 161.0049.10Tennessee Fentress Andy Zellner, TCS
194Larsons Well 161.0049.10Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
195Mirror Image Well 161.0049.10Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
196Sinking River Cave 160.0048.80Colorado Eagle Greg Jones
197Paul Penleys Cave 160.0048.80Virginia Bland VSS
198Shinaberry Cave 160.0048.80West Virginia Pocahontas WVASS
199Spelunger Cave 159.0048.50Kentucky Wayne McClanathan, MOS
200Big Cedar Hole 159.0048.50Tennessee Warren Andy Zellner, TCS
201Ruby Falls Cave 159.0048.50Tennessee Hamilton Andy Zellner, TCS
202Cass Cave Belay Loft Drop 159.0048.50West Virginia Pocahontas WVASS
203Doe Mountain Cave Knipling Pit 158.0048.20Virginia Giles Benjamin Schwartz
204Cave of the Winding Stairs Broken Rock room pit 158.0048.20California San Bernardino Dan Smith
205Hellhole System Mud Rain Rift 158.0048.20West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
206Engle Double Pit Bryson's Pit 157.0047.90Alabama Jackson Andy Zellner, ACS
207Macho Peek A Boo Cave Entrance Drop 157.0047.90Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
208Rock and Roll Cave Entrance Drop 157.0047.90Alaska Kosciusko Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
209Flathead Alps Cave 157.0047.90Montana Powell Greg Jones
210Slime Nasty Pit 157.0047.90Tennessee Putnam Andy Zellner,TCS
211Utumno Abyss 157.0047.90Tennessee Fentress Andy Zellner, TCS
212Snakes Two Hundred Pit 156.0047.50Alabama Jackson ACS
213Real Well Interior Collapse 156.0047.50Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
214South Pittsburg Pit 156.0047.50Tennessee Marion TCS
215Rockeater Pit 155.0047.20Alabama DeKalb ACS
216Bigfoot Cave Heinous Dome Entrance Pit 155.0047.20California Siskiyou Tom Kline
217Devils Hole 155.0047.20Tennessee CannonAndy Zellner, TCS
218Sawmill Well 155.0047.20Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
219Canyon Cave 154.0046.90Alabama Jackson ACS
220Caswell Cave 154.0046.90Alabama Madison ACS
221Just Pit Just Pit 154.0046.90Alaska Kosciusko Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
222Mt. Francis C Cave Pit below entrance drop 154.0046.90Alaska Kosciusko Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
223Hilham Pit 154.0046.90Tennessee Overton Andy Zellner, TCS
224Paradox Cave second drop 154.0046.90Tennessee Van Buren McClanathan
225The Sinkhole Open air154.0046.90Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
226Hellhole System Historic entrance drop154.0046.90West Virginia Pendelton  GVKS
227Hellhole System Satellite Dome, goes higher 154.0046.90West Virginia PendletonGVKS, McClanathan
228Enigma Cave Cipher Dome 153.5046.80Tennessee Van Buren Zeke McKee
229Hayfever Pit 153.0046.60Alabama Madison ACS
230River's End Cave Yukon Pit 153.0046.60Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
231Janus Pit 153.0046.60Arkansas Stone McClanathan
232Bo Allen Pit 153.0046.60Tennessee White Andy Zellner, TCS
233Grassy Cove Saltpeter Cave In cave pit153.0046.60Tennessee Cumberland McClanathan
234Memorial Day Cave Pass-A-Knot (Pan) 153.0046.60West Virginia Pendelton NSS News V78N7P9
235Rayford RiftDug entrance153.0046.60Alabama JacksonACS
236Lacey Pot(Re-opened)First Pit 152.0046.30Alabama Jackson TAG Pits/Stembel
237Tumbling Rock Cave Chaos Shaft 152.0046.30Alabama NSS Convention 2020
238Zina Cave drop to active stream level 152.0046.30Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
239Elmo's Canyon Cave Entrance Drop 151.0046.00Alabama Jackson ACS
240Winter Well 151.0046.00Alabama Madison ACS
241Russian Ski Jump Cave side pit 151.0046.00Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
242Deep Blackness Cave 151.0046.00Tennessee Cumberland Andy Zellner, TCS
243Threes a CrowdEntrance pit151.0046.00Alabama Madison ACS
244The Kid's Cave 150.0045.70Alabama Jackson ACS
245Illusion Pit entrance pit 150.0045.70Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
246Gunsight (Big Mouth Cave)Skylight Drop 150.0045.70New Mexico Eddy McClanathan/JHS
247Blue Spring Cave Crashing Spire Plunge 150.0045.70Tennessee White Andy Zellner, TCS
248Deer Bone Pit 150.0045.70Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
249Mitchell Hollow Well 150.0045.70Tennessee Blount Andy Zellner, TCS
250Boomerang Cave 150.0045.70Utah Cache  
251Mill Creek Pitentrance pit 149.0045.40Tennessee Putnam TCS, McClanathan
252Devils Sinkhole Entrance Drop 149.0045.40Texas Edwards Greg Jones
253Elkhorn Mountain Cave Entrance Drop 149.0045.40West Virginia Grant WVASS, McClanathan
254Devil's Dungeon Cave In cave pit148.0045.10Alabama MarshallACS
255Tumbling Rock Cave Xylophone Dome148.0045.10Alabama Jackson NSS Convention 2020
256Wills Welsh Hole Entrance Drop 148.0045.10Alabama Jackson ACS
257Aquatic Verticality last drop 148.0045.10Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
258Moonprobe Entrance Drop 148.0045.10Alaska Dall Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
259Pay Out Pit first drop 148.0045.10Alaska Kosciusko Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
260Snow Hole Dole Pit 148.0045.10Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
261Ozark Adventure Pit 148.0045.10Arkansas Newton  
262Patriot Pit 148.0045.10Tennessee Putnam TCS
263Memorial Day Cave SRA Pit (Short Roped Again) 148.0045.10West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
264Tumbling Rock Cave Little Miss Wannabe148.0045.10Alabama JacksonMcClanathan
265Dug Hill Sinkhole Cave 147.0044.80Alabama Madison McClanathan, ACS
266Langford Pit 147.0044.80Alabama Jackson ACS
267Russian Ski Jump Cave lowest pit 147.0044.80Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
268Deep Thrust 147.0044.80Tennessee Franklin TCS
269Fern Cave System Drop into Hall of Giants 146.0044.50Alabama Jackson Myrick
270Guffey Cave Dynamite Cave entrance Drop 146.0044.50Alabama Marshall Greg Jones, ACS
271Paint Rock River Cave Echo Well146.0044.50Alabama Jackson Stembel,ACS
272Frenchmans KnobHigh side entrance pit146.0044.50Kentucky HartMcClanathan
273Lechuguilla Boulder Falls 146.0044.50New Mexico Eddy  
274Indianapolis Cave Blind Pig Plunge 146.0044.50Tennessee White MOS,TCS
275Hellhole System Rainforest Dome 146.0044.50West Virginia Pendelton GVKS,McClanathan
276Little Coon Never Hole 145.0044.20Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
277Paint Rock River Cave Paint Rock River Pit 145.0044.20Alabama Jackson ACS
278Icy Fate Cave Cold Cut Entrance drop 145.0044.20Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
279Church Cave Entrance Pit 145.0044.20California Fresno Dan Smith
280Moaning Cave Pit into the Big Room 145.0044.20California Calavaras Dan Smith
281Benary Hole [physically covered in 1972] [physically covered in 1972] 145.0044.20Tennessee Van Buren TCS
282Bugger Hole Open air145.0044.20Tennessee Fentress TCS
283Ellis Pit 145.0044.20Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner, TCS
284Floyds Pit 145.0044.20Tennessee Warren TCS
285Go Hole Entrance pit145.0044.20Tennessee Marion TCS
286Stonewall Jackson Cave Entrance #2 145.0044.20Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
287Dinky Pit Secondary parallel Shaft 144.0043.90Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
288Fern Cave System Wet Pit near Johnson Entrance 144.0043.90Alabama Jackson Stembel
289Secret Pit 144.0043.90Alabama Jackson ACS
290Pipevine Cave Pipevine 144.0043.90California Shasta NSS News V80N7P16
291Valdina Farms Sinkhole 144.0043.90Texas Medina Greg Jones
292The Diggings Pit Entrance pit143.0043.60Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
293Vandiver Pit Entrance pit143.0043.60Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
294Bull Cave third drop down Snake Dance Entrance 143.0043.60Tennessee Blount TAG Pits/Stembel
295Rock Buster Well 143.0043.60Tennessee Marion TCS
296Hunters Well 143.0043.60Texas Culberson McClanathan,Cressler
297Slimy Slit Pit 143.0043.60Wyoming Greg Jones
298Hellhole System Ecstasy Dome143.0043.60West Virginia PendletonGVKS, McClanathan
299Cornholio 142.0043.30Alabama Madison Greg Jones, ACS
300December Pit 142.0043.30Alabama Madison ACS
301Hurt Tree Pit 142.0043.30Alabama Jackson ACS
302Rousseau Well 142.0043.30Alabama Jackson ACS
303Stephens Gap Cave 142.0043.30Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
304Bears Plunge Entrance Drop 142.0043.30Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
305Crazed Well 142.0043.30Tennessee Van Buren TCS
306Cumberland Chasm In cave pit142.0043.30Tennessee Warren TCS
307High Hopes Horror Hole 142.0043.30Tennessee Marion TCS
308Remember It Well Open air141.0043.00Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
309Scorpio Cave 141.0043.00Alabama Madison Greg Jones, ACS
310Fosse Pothole Ice Palace Entrance drop 141.0043.00Alaska Wrangell-St Elias Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
311Siberian Sword Cave second drop 141.0043.00Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
312Floyds Pit Entrance pit141.0043.00Tennessee Warren Greg Jones, TCS
313Luminary Pit In cave pit141.0043.00Tennessee Bledsoe TCS
314Emerald Sink Cave First Drop 141.0043.00Texas Val Verde Greg Jones
315Montague Cave Giants Dome 140.0042.70Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
316Williams Saltpeter Cave In cave drop140.0042.70Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
317Sycamore Cave 140.0042.70Alabama MorganACS
318Earlandsons Cave (Pit) 140.0042.70Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
319Hearn Estate Pit (Physically Closed) Capped with 8' of rock 140.0042.70Tennessee DeKalb MOS, TCS
320Enigma Cave Saddle Dome 140.0042.70Tennessee Van Buren Zeke McKee
321Paradox Cave Secondary parallel drop 140.0042.70Tennessee Van Buren Stembel, TCS
322Clover Hollow Cave Andrews Room Drop 140.0042.70Virginia Giles VSS
323Higginbothams #1 (Devils Slide) Pit just inside entranc140.0042.70Virginia Tazewell VSS
324Mammoth Cave Big Rift Dome (Proctor-Roppel) 139.1044.50Kentucky BarrenAaron Bird01-2023
325Twenty Three Dollar Pit In cave canyon drop139.0042.40Alabama Jackson ACS
326Lickskillit Pit 139.0042.40Alabama Madison Greg Jones, ACS
327Gaping Pot Open air139.0042.40Tennessee Franklin TCS
328Memorial Day Cave Flad the Inhaler 139.0042.40West Virginia Pendelton GVKS/McClanathan
329Memorial Day CaveSaddle Drop139.0042.40West Virginia PendletonGVKS, McClanathan
330Dark Well Rifle Barrel Shaft 138.0042.10Alabama Jackson Stembel
331Montague Cave Thunder Falls Dome 138.0042.10Alabama Jackson Stembel
332Dowells Deep Six Cave Entrance pit138.0042.10Alabama Morgan TAG Pits/Stembel
333Cemetery Pit Entrance Pit138.0042.10Georgia Dade GSS
334Heisers Mystery Well Lower Level Pit 138.0042.10Indiana Harrison  
335Rainbow Cave Entrance pit, but climbable at one end138.0042.10Tennessee Overton Greg Jones
336Massive Well E2 138.0042.10Tennessee Putnam McClanathan
337Twin Branch Blowhole 138.0042.10Tennessee White MOS, TCS
338Bane Springs Cave Premonition Pit 138.0042.10Virginia Bland McClanathan
339Sluss Pit 138.0042.10Virginia Scott McClanathan
340Dowells Deep Six Cave Entrance pit138.0042.10Alabama MorganMcClanathan,Stembel
341War Eagle Pit Entrance pit137.0041.80Alabama Jackson ACS
342Blowing in the Wind Cave Cowboy Pit (steeply sloping 137.0041.80Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
343Gory Hole Entrance pit137.0041.80Indiana Lawrence  
344Serendipity Pit fourth pit 137.0041.80Tennessee Cumberland Greg Jones, TCS
345Spook Hole 137.0041.80Tennessee Overton Greg Jones, TCS
346Abominable Sinkhole 137.0041.80Texas Val Verde Greg Jones
347Shoveleater Cave (Hellhole System) Chumazik Pit 137.0041.80West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
348McClungs Hole 136.0041.50Alabama BlountACS
349Falling Cave (Balcony Sink) Classic open air136.0041.50Alabama Jackson ACS
350Dave's Double Drop Cave In cave pit136.0041.50Alabama Jackson ACS
351Ventilator Shaft 136.0041.50Tennessee Grundy Greg Jones, TCS
352Martins Abyss 136.0041.50Tennessee Warren Greg Jones, TCS
353Omega Cave System The Scoopatorium 136.0041.50Virginia Wise Benjamin Schwartz
354Calfkiller Plunge 136.0041.50Tennessee Putnam TCS
355Nasal CavityEntrance Pit 135.0041.10Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
356Microwave Cave In cave pit135.0041.10Alabama Jackson ACS
357Cooks Pit 135.0041.10Alabama Madison Greg Jones, ACS
358Bigfoot Cave discovery Entrance 135.0041.10California Siskiyou Tom Kline
359Bodfish Cave 135.0041.10California Kern Dan Smith
360Whigpistle Cuban Dome 135.0041.10Kentucky Edmonson Aaron Bird
361Beckoning Well Entrance pit135.0041.10Tennessee White TCS
362Hobbit Hole In cave pit135.0041.10Tennessee Van Buren TCS
363Cresslers Crack 135.0041.10Tennessee Franklin Greg Jones, TCS
364New Pit in VA. 135.0041.10Virginia Russel Dave Socky
365Fern Cave System Drop from Torode Hall to Bottom Cave 134.0040.80Alabama Jackson Myrick, Fern Cave
366Mistaken Well 134.0040.80Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
367Enigma Cave Unnamed Pit 134.0040.80Tennessee Van Buren Zeke McKee
368Krakatoa Cave 134.0040.80Tennessee White Greg Jones, TCS
369Seabolt Cave In cave pit134.0040.80Virginia Smyth McClanathan
370Hinkle School Pit Cave  Brads Pit 134.0040.80West Virginia WVASS
371Hellhole System Mystic Dome 134.0040.80West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
372Hellhole System Waterfall Dome climb in progress, goes much higher134.0040.80West Virginia Pendelton VAR Region Record
373Bitter Sweet Drop134.0040.80Tennessee Van Buren TCS, MOS
374Obscure Magnificence Cave Fifth Drop 133.0040.50Alabama Jackson ACS
375Love Triangle Pit 133.0040.50Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
376Hawk Hole 133.0040.50Alabama Madison TAG Pits/Stembel
377Possum Well 133.0040.50Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
378Just Got Lucky Pit 133.0040.50Tennessee Marion TCS
379Bowers Pit 133.0040.50Tennessee Hancock TCS
380Bane Springs Cave Secret Pit 133.0040.50Virginia Bland McClanathan
381Pine HillSkylight Dome133.0040.50Kentucky RockcastleMcClanathan
382Armstrong PitEntrance Pit 132.0040.20West Virginia PocahontasWVASS, Walt Hamm
383Bells Well Open air132.0040.20Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
384Well Over Thirty Pit 132.0040.20Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
385Nice Pit 132.0040.20Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
386Hill Mountain Pit 132.0040.20Alabama Madison ACS
387Beans Pit 132.0040.20Alabama Jackson ACS
388Eiger Cave  Snaggle Tooth Well 132.0040.20Tennessee Fentress TCS., McClanathan
389Upper Cumming Cove Cave Bird Pit Entrance 132.0040.20Tennessee Van Buren TCS
390Dead Mans Hole 132.0040.20Texas Greg Jones
391Mott Hole Entrance pit, very ledgy132.0040.20West Virginia Monroe WVASS
392Davis Cove Cave Stolen Well 131.0039.90Alabama Jackson ACS
393Wynnes Pit 131.0039.90Alabama Jackson ACS
394Ostara Cave 131.0039.90Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
395Half Shot Cave (Chris Pit) Entrance Drop (Tight)131.0039.90Alabama Madison Greg Jones, ACS
396Amnesia Cave Entrance Drop 131.0039.90Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
397Aquatic Verticality first drop 131.0039.90Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
398France Mountain Triple Pot Sarah's Pit 131.0039.90Tennessee Putnam TCS
399Marks Pit 131.0039.90Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
400Josh Hole (aka Stalcup Pit) 131.0039.90Tennessee Johnson TCS
401Newberry BaneThe Gold130.0039.60Virginia Bland Reilly Blackwell
402Wishing Well 130.0039.60Alabama JacksonACS
403Graham Pit 130.0039.60Alabama Jackson ACS
404Four Wells 130.0039.60Alabama Jackson ACS
405Crevice Cave Echo Pit 130.0039.60Missouri Perry Greg Jones
406Raccoon Mountain Cavems Raccoon Mountain Cavems Dome 130.0039.60Tennessee Hamilton Greg Jones, TCS
407France Mountain Triple Pot Roger's Challenge 130.0039.60Tennessee Putnam McClanathan
408Rattling Cave 130.0039.60Tennessee Cocke TCS
409Pyramid Block Cave 130.0039.60Tennessee Van Buren TCS
410Jungle Bunny Hop Drop 130.0039.60Tennessee White Greg Jones, TCS
411Devils Pocket Too 130.0039.60Tennessee Hamilton Stembel
412Jeffreys Pit 130.0039.60Virginia Washington VSS
413Memorial Day CaveCCC(Crumbling Canyon Chasm130.0039.60West Virginia PendletonGVKS
414Memorial Day Cave Edgars Pit 130.0039.60West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
415Hellhole System Pizda Pit 130.0039.60West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
416Hell's Below Pit Cave 130.0039.60Wyoming Greg Jones
417Robert Dale Clark Cave In-cave canyon drop129.0039.30Alabama Marshall ACS
418Fosse Pothole Entrance drop129.0039.30Alaska Wrangell-St Elias Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
419Blowing in the Wind Cave steeply sloping pit in s.portion 129.0039.30Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
420Slot Rock Pit Dusty Held Well 129.0039.30Georgia Dade McClanathan
421Dripstone Crypt Entrance Pit 129.0039.30Tennessee Pickett TCS
422Buddy Penleys Cave 129.0039.30Virginia Bland McClanathan
423Meeks Triple Well Monk Has to do this Well128.0039.00Alabama Madison McClanathan
424Harbin Pit 128.0039.00Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
425Icy Fate Cave Fridgidare Entrance drop 128.0039.00Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
426Blowing in the Wind Cave steeply sloping pit nearest entrance 128.0039.00Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
427Thunderhole 128.0039.00Tennessee Putnam TCS, McClanathan
428Howard Well 128.0039.00Tennessee Cumberland Greg Jones, TCS
429Deer Canyon Creek Cave 128.0039.00Wyoming Greg Jones
430Lize Still Well 128.0039.00Tennessee Overton McClanathan
431Faraday WellEntrance Pit 128.0039.00Alabama MadisonACS
432Tom Rea Plunged Well 127.0038.70Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
433Shucks Cave The Black Hole, terminal pit127.0038.70Indiana Harrison McClanathan
434Tormalet 127.0038.70Tennessee Marion Ben Miller
435High Noon Chasm 127.0038.70Tennessee White TCS
4360-9 Well 127.0038.70Texas Crockett Greg Jones
437Yer Cave 127.0038.70Virginia Giles VSS
438Bailey Pit 127.0038.70Virginia Scott McClanathan
439The Clutts Cave 126.0038.40Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
440No Turkey For Jerry Pit 126.0038.40Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
441Thunder Falls Cave Entrance Drop 126.0038.40Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
442Raging Falls Cave 126.0038.40Tennessee White TCS
443One Scary Day Pit 126.0038.40Tennessee Fentress MOS, TCS
444Linder Mountain Cave 126.0038.40Tennessee Overton TCS
445Omega Cave System Pit in entrance series 126.0038.40Virginia Wise Ficco
446Dying Skunk Pit 126.0038.40West Virginia WVASS, McClanathan
447Vernal CaveHigh-side rig126.0038.40Alabama MadisonMcClanathan
448Meeks Triple Well Canyon Drop 125.0038.10Alabama Madison ACS
449One Hundred Plus Cave Entrance Pit 125.0038.10Alabama Madison ACS
450Ellison's Cave System Warm Up Pit 125.0038.10Georgia Walker GSS
451Heisers Mystery Well First hundred foot Pit 125.0038.10Indiana Harrison McClanathan
452South Laurel Pot Entrance125.0038.10Tennessee Van Buren TCS
453Paradox Cave In-cave drop into Big Room125.0038.10Tennessee Van Buren TCS
454Ausmus Well 125.0038.10Tennessee Union TCS
455Montgomery Gypsum Cave 125.0038.10Texas Terrell Greg Jones
456Varners Cave Highside In-cave drop125.0038.10Virginia Highland McClanathan
457Shoveleater Cave (Hellhole System) Patricks Pit 125.0038.10West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
458Sophie Hole 124.0037.80Alabama Madison ACS
459Russell Cave Guillotine Wall Dome 124.0037.80Alabama Jackson JHS
460Your Cave Main Shaft 124.0037.80Alabama Morgan TAG Pits/Stembel
461Water Well Entrance pit124.0037.80Alabama JacksonACS
462Double Dog Drop 124.0037.80Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
463Great Expectations Cave 124.0037.80Tennessee White TCS
464Fischer Pit 124.0037.80Texas Hays Greg Jones
465Shoveleater Cave (Hellhole System) Devils Drop 124.0037.80West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
466Carpenter Swago Cave Dry Gallery Dome Pit 124.0037.80West Virginia Pocahontas WVASS
467Johnson's Crook Cave Mission Wall aka Johnson Waterfall123.0037.50Georgia Dade Lee White, GSS
468Dark Well Entrance Drop 123.0037.50Alabama Jackson ACS
469Kennamer Cave Kenna Pit Entrance 123.0037.50Alabama Jackson ACS
470Turkey Buzzard Cave 123.0037.50Alabama JacksonACS
471Flowstone Falls Pit 123.0037.50Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
472Big Ridge Cave First Pit 123.0037.50Pennsylvania Mifflin McClanathan
473Yankee Hole 123.0037.50Tennessee Rutherford Greg Jones, TCS
474Wayne Did Well 123.0037.50Tennessee Franklin Greg Jones, TCS
475Rhonda Well 123.0037.50Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
476Lost Deer Pit Entrance pit, very ledgy123.0037.50Tennessee Warren TCS
477Hickey Pot 123.0037.50Tennessee Warren TCS
478Shoveleater Cave (Hellhole System) Holy Water Pit 123.0037.50West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
479Carpenter Swago Cave Junction Dome123.0037.50West Virginia Pocahontas McClanathan,Waldron
480Shreve-Howell Pit 123.0037.50West Virginia Randolph WVASS
481Fox Den Pit 123.0037.50West Virginia Greenbrier WVASS
482Fern Cave System Altoid Pit near Johnson Entrance 122.0037.20Alabama Jackson McClanathan
483Rocky Horror Hole 122.0037.20Alabama Jackson ACS
484Blackwood Pit 122.0037.20Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
485Dripping Drop Cave Re-Rigged Well 122.0037.20Tennessee White McClanathan, TCS
486Wiggy's Well 122.0037.20Tennessee White TCS
487Wheat Hole 122.0037.20Tennessee Overton Greg Jones, TCS
488Kelly Chasm 122.0037.20Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
489Good to the Last Drop 122.0037.20Tennessee Franklin TCS
490Vision PitEntrance pit122.0037.20Alabama MadisonACS
491Haddox Pit 2nd Pit 121.0036.90Alabama Madison ACS
492Wayne Williams Well 121.0036.90Alabama Jackson ACS
493Donnas Pit 121.0036.90Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
494Snowflake Pit High-side rig121.0036.90Tennessee Franklin McClanathan, TCS
495Happy Happy Day Pit 121.0036.90Tennessee Overton MOS, TCS
496Dripping Drop Cave 121.0036.90Tennessee White Greg Jones, TCS
497Emerald Sink Cave Second Drop 121.0036.90Texas Val Verde Greg Jones
498Bryds Drop (Vampire Hole) 121.0036.90Virginia Bland McClanathan
499Briar Pit 121.0036.90West Virginia Greenbrier WVASS, McClanathan
500Stoned Well Has Multiple offset extremely broken 120.0036.60Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
501Dick Cave 120.0036.60Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
502Cracker Jack Cave 120.0036.60Alabama MarshallACS
503Better Yet Pit 120.0036.60Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
504Bigfoot Cave 120.0036.60California Siskiyou Greg Jones
505Ellison's Cave System Gong Dome 120.0036.60Georgia Walker Rachel Saker
506Mammoth Cave Maelstrom 120.0036.60Kentucky CRF
507Knob Hole 120.0036.60Tennessee Van Buren TCS
508Burnt Leaf Pit 120.0036.60Tennessee Cumberland Greg Jones, TCS
509Omega Cave System Secret Servicer 120.0036.60Virginia Wise Benjamin Schwartz
510Memorial Day Cave  Dragon Canyon Drop 120.0036.60West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
511Talking PitBroken drop entrance pit120.0036.60Kentucky Garrard
512Cave of the Madonna Narrow pit out of Big Room to lower level120.0036.60New Mexico Eddy
513Summerhouse Pit Entrance pit119.0036.30Alabama Jackson ACS
514Your Cave Avis Well 119.0036.30Alabama Morgan TAG Pits/Stembel
515Fireside Well 119.0036.30Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
516Drake Mountain Dome Pit 119.0036.30Alabama MadisonACS
517Devil's Descent Entrance Shaft119.0036.30Tennessee Pickett McClanathan
518Sugarcamp Hollow Pit 119.0036.30Tennessee Marion TCS
519Shoveleater Cave (Hellhole System) SFT(Saved for Terry) Pit119.0036.30West Virginia Pendelton GVKS, McClanathan
520Charlie Horse Cave Entrance (Very Tight) 118.0036.00Alabama Jackson ACS
521Meeks Triple Well Presidents Day Well 118.0036.00Alabama Madison ACS
522Peddlers Cave 118.0036.00Alabama MarshallACS
523Lizard Hole 118.0036.00Alabama Madison Greg Jones, ACS
524Can't Exist Pit 118.0036.00Alabama Jackson ACS
525Yin Yang Pit Entrance Drop 118.0036.00Alaska Kosciusko Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
526Broken Stairwell Cave steeply sloping lower part of cave 118.0036.00Alaska Kosciusko Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
527Cave of the Winding Stairs Big Room Pit 118.0036.00California San Bernardino Dan Smith
528Lost Canyon Cave entrance drop 118.0036.00Georgia Dade GSS
529Louden Pit 118.0036.00Indiana Harrison  
530Newcastle Pit 118.0036.00Missouri Genevieve  
531High Noon Chasm Entrance Pit 118.0036.00Tennessee White Greg Jones, TCS
532Tangely Sink 118.0036.00Tennessee Pickett Greg Jones, TCS
533Obe Lee Cave In-cave drop118.0036.00Tennessee Overton McClanathan
534No Name Yet Entrance Drop 118.0036.00Texas Geary Schindel
535John Smith Pit Entrance Drop118.0036.00Virginia Giles McClanathan
536Lost World Caverns Historic Grapevine entrance pit118.0036.00West Virginia Greenbrier WVASS, McClanathan
537Hunts SinkholeIn-cave pit118.0036.00Kentucky EdmondsonMOS, McClanathan
538Moscow Subway Ravens Den Pit 117.0035.50Tennessee Marion TCS
539Fern Cave System Drop near Johnson Entrance 117.0035.70Alabama Jackson Myrick, Fern Cave
540Dark Well Electric Shaft 117.0035.70Alabama Jackson ACS
541Cluts Cave Entrance Pit 117.0035.70Alabama Jackson ACS
542Walking FernGarden Handy Plunge 117.0035.70Alabama Jackson ACS
543Freak Well Pit Collapsed - now 50' 117.0035.70Alabama Jackson McClanathan
544Wheel Well 117.0035.70Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
545Fubar Cave 117.0035.70Alabama MarshallGreg Jones, ACS
546Buzz-Stripper Cave 117.0035.70Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
547Ellison's Cave System Nice Pit 117.0035.70Georgia Walker Marion O. Smith, Ellisons Cave
548Rawhide Horror Hole Dedicated Well 117.0035.70Tennessee Franklin Stembel
549Rusty's Resounding Rock Drop 117.0035.70Tennessee Franklin Greg Jones, TCS
550Roaring Rapids Pit 117.0035.70Tennessee Marion McClanathan
551Martin Springs High Hole 117.0035.70Tennessee Marion TCS
552Chisum Chasm Entrance pit117.0035.70Tennessee White TCS
553Memorial Day Cave The 125 117.0035.70West Virginia Pendelton GVKS, McClanathan
554Walt Allen Cave (Baxters Cave) Last pit117.0035.70West Virginia Pocahontas WVASS
555Marshalls Treasure Plunge117.0035.70Alabama MadisonACS
556Obscure Magnificence Cave 4th drop 116.0035.40Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
557Sandstone Rock Pit 116.0035.40Alabama Madison Greg Jones, ACS
558Lost Canyon Cave drop in canyon 116.0035.40Georgia Dade GSS
559Chisum Chasm Lee Dome 116.0035.40Tennessee White Jim Fox
560Road Noise Cave 116.0035.40Tennessee Van Buren TCS
561Harrison Turnpike Pit High side rig116.0035.40Tennessee Marion McClanathan
562Gap Cave Bowers Dome 116.0035.40Virginia Lee CRF, McClanathan
563Memorial Day Cave Wizards Well 116.0035.40West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
564BBB Hole 115.0035.10Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
565Elmo's Canyon Cave 3rd Pit 115.0035.10Alabama Jackson ACS
566Cairn Blowhole Entrance Number 1 115.0035.10Alabama Jackson ACS
567Fox Hole Phantom Well 115.0035.10Alabama DeKalb ACS
568Gross Hole Cave 115.0035.10Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
569Austin Point Cave 115.0035.10Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
570Joint Venture Cave Entrance Drop 115.0035.10Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
571Hidden Abyss Pit Entranced Pit 115.0035.10Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
572Snow Hole second drop 115.0035.10Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
573Widowmaker Pit 115.0035.10Missouri Genevieve  
574Monster Pit 115.0035.10Missouri Genevieve  
575Hole-in-the-Wall Cave 115.0035.10Tennessee Putnam Greg Jones, TCS
576Earth Day Cave Parallela Wella115.0035.10Tennessee White Elliot Stahl, TCS
577Pig Hole Cave Entrance Pit 115.0035.10Virginia Giles McClanathan
578Cedar Knob Well Entrance Pit 115.0035.10Virginia Lee McClanathan
579Land Between The Lakes Pit 114.0034.70Alabama Jackson ACS
580Bill Ellis Pit 114.0034.70Alabama Jackson ACS
581Webster Hole (pit) 114.0034.70Tennessee White TCS
582Quigg Sinkhole 114.0034.70Texas Val Verde Greg Jones
583Summers Pit 113.0034.40Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
584Satan's Waitin' Well 113.0034.40Alabama Jackson ACS
585O Shaughnessy Pit Entrance pit113.0034.40Alabama Jackson McClanathan
586Barefoot Pit Classic entrance pit113.0034.40Kentucky Wayne McClanathan
587Blackfathom River Cave Blackfathom Pit 113.0034.40Missouri Genevieve Chad McCain
588Arch Cave In-cave drop113.0034.40New Mexico Eddy McClanathan
589Parker Pit Entrance pit113.0034.40Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
590Cothron's Pit Cave 113.0034.40Tennessee Macon Greg Jones, TCS
591Redemption Pit second drop 113.0034.40Texas Culberson McClanathan
592Wildcat Spring In cave drop113.0034.40Kentucky Clinton McClanathan
593Skipworth's Well 112.0034.10Alabama Madison ACS
594N.A.G. Well 112.0034.10Alabama Jackson ACS
595Horse Pit In cave drop112.0034.10Alabama Madison Stembel
596Elliot Pit 112.0034.10Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
597Blue Marble Cave Haystack Pit 112.0034.10Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
598Storm Chasm 112.0034.10Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
599Big Laurel Falls Creek Pit 112.0034.10Tennessee White Greg Jones, TCS
600Wrights Rift 111.0033.80Alabama Jackson ACS
601Jaw Pit 111.0033.80Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
602Alive And Well 111.0033.80Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
603Drag Fold Cave 111.0033.80Georgia Walker GSS
604Wildman Cove Cave 111.0033.80Tennessee Marion TCS
605Widowmaker Cave 111.0033.80Tennessee Van Buren Zeke McKee
606Ho Hole 111.0033.80Tennessee Marion TCS
607Blue Crystal Well 111.0033.80Tennessee Cannon TCS
608Bane Springs Cave Last Pit 111.0033.80Virginia Bland McClanathan
609Dirty Dozen Pit Cave 111.0033.80Wyoming Greg Jones
610Ugly Well111.0033.30Alabama JacksonACS
611Fudged Well 110.0033.50Alabama Madison Greg Jones, ACS
612Spirit Well 110.0033.50Alabama Saint ClairACS
613Esslinger Pit 110.0033.50Alabama Madison ACS
614Starlight Cave Entrance Drop 110.0033.50Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
615Crystal Toos Cave Entrance Drop 110.0033.50Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
616Skull Pit Entrance Drop 110.0033.50Arkansas Newton CRF
617Cave of the Winding Stairs Great Pit 110.0033.50California San Bernardino Dan Smith
618Cagle's Chasm Complex Jeepside Entrance 110.0033.50Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
619Serendipity Pit second pit 110.0033.50Tennessee Cumberland Greg Jones, TCS
620Parrothead Well 110.0033.50Tennessee Van Buren Greg Jones, TCS
621Center Hollow Pit Cave 110.0033.50Tennessee Overton Greg Jones, TCS
622Omega Cave System Blowing Hole Entrancee 110.0033.50Virginia Wise Ficco/ McClanathan
623Shoveleater Cave (Hellhole System) Papusha Pit 110.0033.50West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
624Hellhole System Triple Dome 110.0033.50West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
625Wilburn ValleyIn-cave pit110.0033.30Virginia Giles VSS, cave map
626Fern Cave System Pit Parallel to Altoid Pit 109.0033.20Alabama Jackson McClanathan
627Pouting Pot 109.0033.20Alabama Jackson ACS
628Kudzu Cave (Pannell Cave) 109.0033.20Alabama De KalbACS
629Drake Pit 109.0033.20Alabama Madison Dgreg Jones, ACS
630Ellison's Cave System Blind 109 109.0033.20Georgia Walker Marion O. Smith, Ellisons Cave
631Booty over Friendship Well 109.0033.20Tennessee Van Buren MOS, TCS
632Rawhide Horror Hole second drop 109.0033.20Tennessee Franklin TCS
633Lost Joe's Pit 109.0033.20Tennessee Warren TCS
634Hytop Drop 109.0033.20Tennessee Franklin TCS
635Gestapo Droppo 109.0033.20Tennessee Franklin TCS
636Wizards Well Cavern 109.0033.20Texas Terrell Greg Jones
637Catawba Murder HoleEntrance Pit109.0033.20Virginia Botetourt McClanathan
638Frairs Hole System Monster Cavern Waterfall 109.0033.20West Virginia Poca./Green. McClanathan
639Murdering CreekIn-cave drop to deep water109.0032.70Virginia RockbridgeMcClanathan
640Crismans PitEntrance pit109.0032.70Kentucky JessamineJonathan Carmen
641Stinging FernSecond pit108.0032.40Alabama MadisonACS, McClanathan
642Kings Spring Cave Bolding Entrance 108.0032.90Alabama Marshall Greg Jones, ACS
643JHS - Noremans Well Deepside Entrance Pit 108.0032.90Alabama Jackson McClanathan
644Wee Willie Well 108.0032.90Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
645New Market Cave (Pit) 108.0032.90Alabama Madison ACS
646John Harris Hole 108.0032.90Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
647James Brown Well 108.0032.90Alabama MorganACS
648Eddy Pit Number One Open air108.0032.90Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
649Allisons Pit Entrance pit108.0032.90Alabama Jackson ACS
650Arabica Cave Third drop below Big Fatty entrance 108.0032.90Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
651Cemetery Pit Jasons Twin Dome 108.0032.90Georgia Dade GSS, McClanathan
652Miller Cave 108.0032.90Iowa Greg Jones
653Doomsday Pit 108.0032.90Tennessee Putnam Greg Jones, TCS
654Lost Creek Cave Pit inside Ben White entrance108.0032.90Tennessee White TCS
655Milksick Cave In-cave drop108.0032.90Tennessee Cumberland Greg Jones, TCS
656Heiskell Pit 108.0032.90Tennessee KnoxTCS
657Crabtree Cave second drop 108.0032.90Tennessee Overton McClanathan
658Poor Boy Baculum Cave Nevada Shaft 108.0032.90Texas Bexar Greg Jones
659Hairy Hole Entrance pit108.0032.90Virginia Wise McClanathan
660Hellhole System Pigtail (Wet Happy) Dome 108.0032.90West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
661Memorial Day Cave Ramparts Wall (Dome) 108.0032.90West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
662Severed Well Ironman Dome 107.0032.40Alabama Jackson Stembel
663Fern Cave System Coney's Chasm (North Fern) 107.0032.60Alabama Jackson McClanathan
664Teddy Bear Cave Entrance Pit 107.0032.60Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
665Savor It Well In cave pit107.0032.60Alabama Madison ACS
666Nerf Pit 107.0032.60Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
667Lauries Misery 107.0032.60Alabama Jackson ACS
668Blunder Hole Crawl to entrance pit107.0032.60Alabama Jackson ACS
669Walker Spring Cave Disappointment Dome 107.0032.60Tennessee Franklin JHS
670Sonic Rift 107.0032.60Tennessee Overton TCS
671Elkhead Pit 107.0032.60Tennessee Grundy TCS
672Cabble Pit Open air pit107.0032.60West Virginia Greenbrier WVASS, McClanathan
673Memorial Day Cave Grahm Finale107.0032.60West Virginia Pendelton VAR Region Record
674Heart of GouldBroken Femur Dome107.0032.10Tennessee White Zeke McKee, Jim Fox
675Varnedoes Cave Second Entrance 106.0032.30Alabama Madison MCClanathan
676Skylight Cave 106.0032.30Alabama Madison ACS
677Rick's Legacy Pit 106.0032.30Alabama Marshall ACS
678Padgett Pit Number Two 106.0032.30Alabama Jackson ACS
679Merrill Rift Cave 106.0032.30Alabama Marshall ACS
680Fly Hole 106.0032.30Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
681Dog Collar Cave 106.0032.30Alabama Jackson ACS
682France Mountain Pit Entrance pit106.0032.30Tennessee White Stembel, TCS
683Curry's Chasm Last Pit 106.0032.30Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
684Cascade Plunge Last Pit 106.0032.30Tennessee Putnam Greg Jones, TCS
685Monolith Rift 106.0032.30Tennessee Van Buren TCS
686Puberty Pit 106.0032.30Texas San Saba Greg Jones
687Memorial Day Cave Hunter Traverse Dome 106.0032.30West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
688Windy Run Cave 106.0032.30West Virginia Randolph WVASS
689Sinks Of The Run Cave 2nd pit106.0032.30West Virginia Greenbrier WVASS, Mauer
690Fern Cave System Canyon route into the Hall of Giants Drop 105.0032.00Alabama Jackson McClanathan
691Teddy Bear Cave Drop into Hanging Rock Room 105.0032.00Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
692Elmos Canyon Interior drop 105.0032.00Alabama Jackson ACS
693Twist of Fate Cave Parallel Pit 105.0032.00Alabama Jackson JHS
694Strausser Well 105.0032.00Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
695Rainmaker Canyon Cave 105.0032.00Alabama Jackson ACS
696Lusk Double Pot 105.0032.00Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
697January Well 105.0032.00Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
698Holiday Hole 105.0032.00Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
699Ledokol-E Cave drop in lower cave 105.0032.00Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
700Parker Pit Cave Entrance Pit 105.0032.00Indiana Harrison Indiana pits data base
701Mammoth Cave Bottomless Pit 105.0032.00Kentucky CRF
702Tiftonia Pit Open air105.0032.00Tennessee Hamilton Greg Jones, TCS
703Shine Well 105.0032.00Tennessee Franklin Greg Jones, TCS
704Grassy Cove Pit 105.0032.00Tennessee Cumberland TCS
705Berry Hill Cave In cave drop105.0032.00Tennessee Carter TCS
706Barn Pit Entranmce p[it105.0032.00Tennessee Sullivan TCS
707Sorcerers Cave  Nosebleed Dome 105.0032.00Texas Terrell Greg Jones
708Stephensons Hole 105.0032.00Virginia Bath VSS
709Curry Pit Entrance Pit 105.0032.00West Virginia Greenbrier WVASS
710Hellhole System Windy Anus Pit 105.0032.00West Virginia Pendelton GVKS/McClanathan
711Red Lick Pit 105.0032.00West Virginia Pocahontas WVASS, McClanathan
712Cowhole Well 105.0032.00West Virginia Pendelton WVASS
713UntersteinSerenity Hall Drop105.0032.00Alabama MadisonACS
714Tumbling Rock Cave Horsetooth Pit 104.0031.70Alabama Jackson Rachel Saker
715Ain't No Cave 3rd Pit (last Pit) 104.0031.70Alabama Jackson ACS
716Stewarts Well 104.0031.70Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
717Mye Cave 104.0031.70Alabama MorganACS
718Glove Pit High side rig104.0031.70Alabama Madison ACS
719Blue Crystal Well Entrance pit104.0031.70Tennessee Cannon Greg Jones, TCS
720Dripping Drop Cave Halloweenie Well 104.0031.70Tennessee White McClanathan, TCS
721Rumbling Thunder Cave 104.0031.70Tennessee Van Buren TCS
722Manson Pit 104.0031.70Tennessee Fentress Greg Jones, TCS
723Five Falls Pit 104.0031.70Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
724Hellhole System Bootylicious Well 104.0031.70West Virginia Pendelton GVKS/McClanathan
725Hellhole System Organ Well 104.0031.70West Virginia Pendelton GVKS/McClanathan
726Memorial Day Cave Unnamed Pit in Crumbling Canyon 104.0031.70West Virginia Pendelton VAR Region Record
727Turkeyfoot CaveTight climbdown to pit103.0031.40MarylandAlleganyHackley, McClanathan
728Fern Cave System 1st pit in Morgue Sink entrance 103.0031.40Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
729Weigand Pit 2nd Parallel Drop 103.0031.40Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
730Grahm Cove Cave High Canyon Drop 103.0031.40Alabama Jackson ACS
731Road Pit Physically closed103.0031.40Alabama Madison Stembel
732Langmeier Pit 103.0031.40Alabama Madison Greg Jones
733Greensmoke Pit 103.0031.40Alabama Jackson Cressler, McClanathan
734Heisers Mystery Well Last Pit 103.0031.40Indiana Harrison  
735Copperhead Pit 103.0031.40Indiana Crawford  
736Earth Day Cave Belly Flop Drop 103.0031.40Tennessee White McClanathan
737Widowmaker Cave 103.0031.40Tennessee Van Buren JHS
738Virgin Pit 103.0031.40Tennessee Wilson Greg Jones, TCS
739Lost Mule Pit 103.0031.40Tennessee Marion Greg Jones, TCS
740Jolley Saltpeter Cave 103.0031.40Tennessee Union McClanathan
741Terlingua Sinkhole 103.0031.40Texas Brewster Greg Jones
742Hold Me Back Cave 103.0031.40Texas Bexar Greg Jones
743Doe Mountain Cave Awesome Falls 103.0031.40Virginia Giles VSS
744Lost Innocence Cave Entrance Pit (Offset) 103.0031.40West Virginia Greenbrier WVASS
745Tumbling Rock Cave Coffee Date Dome 103.0031.40Alabama Jackson Rachel Saker
746Hells HoleWhooping Dome102.0031.10Indiana Harrison Elliot Stahl, McClanathan
747Hells HoleEntrance pit102.0031.10Indiana Harrison Indiana pits data base
748Youree Pit 102.0031.10Alabama Madison Greg Jones, ACS
749Orton Pit 102.0031.10Alabama Madison ACS
750Arabica Cave Big Fatty Entrance drop 102.0031.10Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
751Ledokol-E Cave drop to ice floor in lower cave 102.0031.10Alaska Heceta Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
752Eight Bit Pit 102.0031.10Georgia Walker GSS
753Swell Well 102.0031.10Tennessee Marion Andy Zellner,McClanathan
754Quit (Lost)Our Jobs Cave 102.0031.10Tennessee White MOS, TCS
755Millers Pit High side rig102.0031.10Tennessee Putnam McClanathan, Stembel
756Memorial Day Cave Big Easy Drop 102.0031.10West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
757Organ Cave Bowen Drop102.0031.10West Virginia Greenbrier WVASS
758Shoveleater Cave (Hellhole System) Holy Water Offset Pit 102.0031.10West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
759Turkey Roost Cave 102.0031.10West Virginia Pocahontas WVASS
760Fountain Pit Entrance pit102.0031.10Alabama Jackson McClanathan
761Turnbling Rock Cave Horse Tooth Pit 102.0031.10Alabama Jackson McClanathan, Saker
762Freeman PitEntrance drop102.0031.10Virginia Giles McClanathan
763Stinging FernTerminal pit102.0031.10Alabama MadisonACS, McClanathan
764EnigmaCaveCarrott Top Drop101.0030.80Tennessee Van Buren McClanathan
765Battle Creek Horror Hole open air deep side rig101.0030.80Tennessee Marion TCS
766Whitewater Well 101.0030.80Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
767Brownfield Pit 101.0030.80Alabama Jackson ACS
768Denney Saltpeter Cave In-cave drop101.0030.80Kentucky Wayne McClanathan
769Baby Hog Horror Hole Baby Hog Well 101.0030.80Tennessee Franklin TCS
770Shiver Hole 101.0030.80Tennessee Overton TCS
771Red Expo Cave 101.0030.80Tennessee Van Buren TCS
772Hoosier Pit 101.0030.80Tennessee Franklin Greg Jones, TCS
773Memorial Day Cave Unnamed Pit (above Pinnacle Room) 101.0030.80West Virginia Pendelton VAR Region Record
774Memorial Day Cave CMG Pit 101.0030.80West Virginia Pendelton GVKS
775Half Step Cave Open air101.0030.80Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
776El Abismo Slope side, MOS and McC got 98' vertical side100.5030.60Tennessee White Clinton Elmore
777Hellhole System Clean Dome 100.0030.50West Virginia PendletonGVKS, McClanathan
778Shoveleater Cave (Hellhole System) Echo Dome aka Bennett Tower100.0030.50West Virginia PendletonGVKS
779Highland Plunge Deep side entrance drop100.0030.40TennesseeOverton MOS, TCS
780Schlitz SlotOpen air100.0030.50Tennessee PutnamMOS, McClanathan, TCS
781Wills Welsh Well Carol's Cascade 100.0030.50Alabama Jackson ACS
782Gary Self Pit Entrance #3 100.0030.50Alabama Jackson ACS
783Fox Hole Mystical Pit (High Rig) 100.0030.50Alabama DeKalb McClanathan
784Twist of Fate Cave Parallel Shaft 100.0030.50Alabama Jackson JHS
785The Deaverator Cave 100.0030.50Alabama Madison Greg Jones, ACS
786Shot In The Wall Pit 100.0030.50Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
787Round Cove Pit 100.0030.50Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
788Rocksalot Pit 100.0030.50Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
789Pollywog Pot 100.0030.50Alabama Jackson Greg Jones, ACS
790Bill Baker Pit 100.0030.50Alabama Madison ACS
791Bandits Surprise 100.0030.50Alabama Jackson ACS
792Chopper Bopper Pit Entrance Drop 100.0030.50Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
793Chopper Bopper Pit second drop 100.0030.50Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
794Bridalveil Cave Walk in Entrance drop 100.0030.50Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
795Blue Marble Cave Well of Souls (Domepit) 100.0030.50Alaska P.O.W. Island Carlene Allred & Steve Lewis
796Bigfoot Cave Heinous Dome Section 100.0030.50California Siskiyou Tom Kline
797Ellisons Cave System Wet Dome inside Stairstep Entrance 100.0030.50Georgia Walker JHS
798Black Rock River Cave 100.0030.50Tennessee Van Buren  
799Green Velvet Cave Low Life Well 100.0030.50Tennessee White TCS
800Para-Dome 100.0030.50Tennessee Overton Greg Jones, TCS
801Melton Hole 100.0030.50Tennessee Cannon Greg Jones, TCS
802Earth Day Cave Cucumber Pit100.0030.50Tennessee White TCS
803Chastity Belt Cave 100.0030.50Tennessee White TAG Pits/Stembel
804Carters Pit 100.0030.50Tennessee Anderson Greg Jones, TCS