2020 Open House – June 12-21

Welcome to the Covid-19 2020 on-line, week-long open house. I will be updating the site regularly, listing as many specimens as I can, including some field-collected specimens to the bargain basement. Obviously, it’s not practical to list all of the smaller specimens, but I will have some mineral sets with a collection of smaller pieces that can be purchased all at once.

Special Club Discount!
For the week-long official open house, all club members who have the link to this site will get 10% off all of the listed prices, except for the Bargain Basement section that is already heavily discounted. I will apply the discount when we arrange payment.

How to Order – No Shopping Cart – Simple email

  1. Make a list of what you’d like (easiest way for multiple items is to cut and paste the specimen numbers into a document)
  2. Send me an email Cavemonpaul at Hotmail and we can arrange for online payment and touchless pickup (or delivery at the next available club meeting).
  3. I can also ship for a reasonable price (you would pay actual shipping).

If you are interested in a specific mineral type that you do not see listed, contact me at the above address and I will let you know what I have.

The collection is separated into sections:

Miniature mineral specimens – Quality specimens larger than thumbnail/toenail size, but nice for small displays
Small Cabinet Specimens – Up to 4 inches across (12 fit into a standard flat)
Cabinet Specimens – Generally between 4-6 inches across, hand sample size (6 fit into a standard flat)
Large Display Specimens – Anything larger than 6 inches across
Bargain Basement – Special clearance specimens of all sizes, 20-50% off regular show prices
Alaska Specimens – Collection of minerals found in Alaska
Fossils – Worldwide assortment of plant and animal fossils
Collections – Specially-selected and heavily discounted mineral collections
Crafts – Polished slabs, minerals on stands, crafts made from natural stones

Mineral Catalog
If you want to just see a price-sorted list of what is available click here. You can use the regular page search tool (Crtl-F) to quickly find specimens of interest.

Additional Items Available from Etsy
For the first time, I’m also giving everyone access to a 10% discount on everything in my Etsy store (ChacoRocks). If you see something you would like to purchase from that inventory, let me know via email, but don’t buy it from the Etsy store. I will pull it from the Etsy inventory and sell it to you directly.

Door Prizes!

Some of the available door prizes – Salt lamp, small Uruguayan amethyst, Colombian quartz, Epidote, Sponge Calcite lamp (others not pictured).

Even though the door will only be virtual, I will be having door prizes (deliverable either at a Club meeting or mailed with your purchased specimens). I will have two sets of door prizes. The first group is open to anyone, regardless of whether or not you buy anything. Just send an email to me (Cavemonpaul at Hotmail) with the subject line “Door Prize Entry” and you will be registered for the random drawing (and cleverly added to my email list to keep you up-to-date with shows, etc.).

The second group will be for anyone who makes a purchase from the open house. Each $20 spent will get you a unique entry into the drawing (so if you spend $100, that’s five entries). The retail value of these door prizes are at least $50 so there’s some good value there.

Silent Auction (sort of)!

I will be also running a type of silent auction for some select pieces. For these, just send me an email with your best offer, and at the end of the week, I’ll you’ll know if you win. I don’t have a way to run a live auction without listing on Ebay, so that was my best option. There will be no reserve on the auctions, so there’s a chance of getting a real bargain.