Helpful Tutorial Videos that Demonstrate Needed Skills

Caving Overview

Videos that illustrate general caving principles and how to get into caving.

National Speleological Society – Overview of Caving
National Speleological Society – An Introduction to Caving

Basic Caving Gear

Videos showing how to select the proper basic caving equipment.

Derek Bristol – Caving Helmets
Derek Bristol – Elbow Pads
Derek Bristol – Knee Pads

Emergency Kits

Derek Bristol – Caving Emergency Kit

Knot Tying

Videos that show how to tie various knots that are used for cave exploring.

REI – Tying a basic Figure-8 into a harness
REI – Tying a Figure-8 on a Bight
REI – Tying a Butterfly Knot (Hand Method)
Tying a Butterfly Knot (twist method)

Just for Fun

Videos that the author has appeared in and are available for purchase.

Journey to the Center of the World was a pilot I was involved with for the History Channel. It documents the exploration of a cave in Guatemala that was used by the ancient Maya.

The Online Guide to Cave Exploring