Long and Deep Caves of the World

Welcome to the new home of the compilation of long and deep caves of the world compiled by Bob Gulden for the Geology and Geography Section of the National Speleological Society. Bob worked tirelessly for decades to maintain these lists and I hope to keep his important legacy alive.

Please be patient as I get the databases moved over and process the updates and corrections that have been coming in. These can be sent to Cavemonpaul at Hotmail.com. Each list will have the date it was updated at the top.

Cave locations will not be given out, so do not ask.

United States
USA Longest Caves (over 1 mile) – Updated 1/20/2023
USA Deepest Caves (over 350 feet)
USA Deepest Caves (excludes lava caves)
USA Longest Caves by State
USA Dome Climbs

World Longest Caves (over 10km) – Updated 1/20/2023
World Deepest Caves (over 600m) – Updated 1/8/2023
World Longest Underwater Caves (over 1km) – Updated 12/19/2022
World Longest Caves by Country
World Longest Gypsum Caves
World Longest Lava Tube Caves – Updated 12/14/2022
World Longest Piping Caves – Updated 12/14/2022
Longest Sea Caves
World Longest non-traditional caves (conglomerate, chalk, ice, sandstone, quartzite, salt, etc.)

Worldwide Individual Features
Deep Pits
Free Fall Pits
Largest Chambers (by area)
Largest Chambers (by volume)
Largest Trunk Passages