World Piping Caves

Compiled by Doug Medville, Bob Gulden & Others November 2022
Updated by Paul Burger December 14, 2022

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Cave NameCountry/StateCountyLength (ft)Length (mi)Length (m)Depth (ft)Depth (m)Referencecomment
1Christmas Canyon CaveWACowlitz54001.0231645.9200Gary Petrie FBmudflow beneath lava
2Scotts CaveWASkamania51920.9831582.5200Garry Petrie12,620 with Lava Tube
3Hakikar CaveIsraelDead Sea45670.865139212337.5Boaz LangfordMap
4de la LiebreArgentinaRodeo san Juan40190.7611225200.161Cuerdas Mendy
5B&B CavernsNMSan Juan27590.523821.436339103.33D.Medville
6Anvil Points Claystone C.COGarfield20630.391628.80218757D. Wolfe, RMC Vol 24, no. 1
7Caverna Sol Dentro o Gruta DeseadaArgentinaRodeo san Juan1824.10.34555600Dino Mendy
8Grotte Garrigues (Laterite)GuineaFouta-Djallon1640.40.31150000Atlas of the Great Caves and Karst of Africa Part 1 P134Laterite
9Caverna Espelaion SeisArgentinaRodeo san Juan1603.30.304488.700Dino Mendy
10Marzev KidronIsraelDead Sea15720.298476.14600Boaz Langford
11Dragon's Tail CaveCODelta14670.278447.1425276.81Matt Crass
12Stairstep Canyon C.NMSan Juan11810.224359.969331100.89D. Medville, B. Richards
13Hidden CaveCASan Diego11540.219351.73900B. Richards, Cal Cave Vol 39, no. 2
14Officers CaveORGrant11320.214345.03400W.R. Halliday, Ency. Of Caves, pg 591
15Carey's Big Mud C.CASan Diego11200.212341.3765115.54B. Richards, Cal Cave Vol 39, no. 2
16Rock Pigeon CaveCOMontrose10580.200322.511334NSS News Aug-2022, Vol.80 #8
17Caverna Los VascosArgentinaRodeo san Juan1044.60.198318.4242.874Dino Mendy
18Chasm CaveCASan Diego10100.191307.848247.32B. Richards, Cal Cave Vol 39, no. 2
19Lua Lolo Piping CaveHIMolokai10000.19305??B. Richards, Ziegler et al., "New Fossil Bat from Hawaii" American Museum Novitates #3854 March-2016
20Kemach CaveIsraelDead Sea8990.1727473.822.49Boaz Langford
21Hidden Canyon CaveCARiverside8790.166267.91912839.01B. Richards, The Explorer, June 1984
22Pipe Dream CaveCOMesa8050.152245.3647322.25D. Medville
23Upper Dominguez CaveCOMesa7610.144231.95313541.15D. Medville
24Kiel CaveCANapa7500.142228.612437.8Jared SnyderClay
25Midden CaveCOMontrose7410.14225.8579629.26D. Medville
26Mind Bender CaveNMSan Juan7380.14224.9425416.46D. Medville
27Lower Dominguez CaveCOMesa7170.136218.54213641.45D. Medville
28Pipeline CaveCOGarfield6680.127203.6069528.96D. Medville
29Cathedral Canyon C.NMSan Juan6660.126202.9977723.47D. Medville, B. Richards
30Magnificent Morrison CaveCODelta6570.124200.2546419.51D. Medville
31Peach Bear CaveCODelta6310.12192.3294914.94Matt Crass
32Little Mud CaveCASan Diego6040.114184.09900
33Majestic Canyon C.NMSan Juan6010.114183.18515547.24D. Medville, B. Richards
34E-Ticket C.CASan Diego5830.11177.6983811.58B. Richards, Cal Cave Vol 39, no. 2
35King Kutz CaveNMSan Juan5760.109175.56514544.2D. Medville
36Canyon Climb CaveCODelta5720.108174.34615647.55D. Medville
37Blue Beer Cap CaveNMSan Juan5460.103166.4215617.07D. Medville
38Slickrock C.COMesa5270.1160.635917.98D. Medville
39Finale CaveCOMesa4990.095152.0956519.81R. DeLano, RMC Vol 13, no. 1
40Cobble CaveCODelta4680.089142.64610832.92D. Medville
41Clay Gully CaveCOMontrose4600.087140.2086820.73D. Medville
42Raven CaveCOMesa4520.086137.775717.37D. Medville
43Hidden Canyon CaveNMSan Juan4480.085136.55309.14D. Medville, B. Richards
44Bedding Plane C.CASan Diego4410.084134.4175717.37B. Richards, Cal Cave Vol 39, no. 2
45Svyataya CaveRussiaGatchina4270.081130.1500Euro Speleo Magazine p46 1/1/12sandstone
46Mudnificent CaveNMSan Juan4250.08129.546620.12D. Medville
47May Day CaveNMSan Juan4200.08128.01611535.05D. Medville
48Old Spanish Trail C.CAInyo4150.079126.492237.01B. Szukalski
49Maybe CaveNMSan Juan4150.079128.01600D. Medville
50Wedged Rock C.COMesa4100.078124.9686118.59D. Medville
51Mesa C.COMesa3980.075121.315717.37D. Medville
52Tabeguache-Zephyr C.COMesa3970.075121.006329.75D. G. Davis, RMC Vol 9, no. 2
53Cold Climb CaveNMSan Juan3940.075120.09111936.27D.Medville
54Skylight CaveCASan Diego3890.074118.56700B. Richards, Cal Cave Vol 39, no. 2
55Double Ladder CaveNMSan Juan3620.069110.33811334.44D. Medville
56Coaled Comfort C.NMSan Juan3620.069110.3383610.97D. Medville, B. Richards
57Wrecked Car Canyon CaveNMSan Juan3560.067108.5098525.91D. Medville, B. Richards, C. Vesely
58Climbdown CaveCOMontrose3540.067107.8995015.24D. Medville
59Amargosa River Cave #2CAInyo3440.065104.851226.71B. Szukalski
60Coyote CaveCOMontrose3400.064103.6326519.81D.Medville
61Canyoneering CaveNMSan Juan3370.064102.71800D.Medville, C.Vesely
62Escalante C.CODelta3360.064102.4133410.36D. Medville
63Pestera în Loess din V.Lui Mos StoianRomania.334.60.06310242.713.01Liviu ValenasLoess
64Footprint C.CASan Diego3340.063101.8033811.58B. Richards, Cal Cave Vol 39, no. 2
65Big Mud Flow CaveCASan Diego3290.062100.27900C. Vesely
66?? (Medina River Cave)TXBexar3000.05791.4400Geary SchindelSoil
67Kateng BokoBurkina FasoOubitrenga1310.0254000Atlas of the Great Caves and Karst of Africa part 1Formed in Laterite
68Caverna del IndioArgentinaRodeo san Juan3.20.0010.98400Dino Mendy